First Aid training


Apr 2019


Professional medical security for mass events, sports competitions, conferences, fairs, company picnics and integration events by medical rescuers with a doctor or medical rescuers themselves.


First aid course program:

1. Legal regulations,
2. Own and injured person's safety,
3. Assessment of the victim's basic life functions,
4. Calling for help,
5. Safe position
6. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (resuscitation) of adults and children
7. Airway obstruction (choking in an adult and a child)
8. Fractures, dislocations and hemorrhages
9. Burns
10. Loss of consciousness, fainting
11. Sudden illnesses (heart attack, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma)



1. Safe position,
2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (resuscitation of adults and children)
3. Choking
4. Dressing, stopping bleeding
5. Fracture fixation


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Medical lifeguards
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Leaflet on First Aid training


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