Laser vision correction

The Pod Bukami Hospital was the first center in Podbeskidzie to offer the possibility of laser vision correction.

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been performing laser vision correction procedures at the Pod Bukami Hospital. Initially, the Allegretto Wavelight 400 excimer laser (then the latest generation excimer laser to correct eye refraction defects). And since 2016 Allegretto Wavelight EX500 excimer laser operating at 500 Hz, which is currently the fastest excimer laser in the world. It provides the highest level of safety and comfort during the procedure.

It is obvious that each of us treats our eyes as the most valuable treasure, which is why we know how important and difficult the decision for surgery is for each patient. Our team of surgeons are doctors with many years of experience and hundreds of successful treatments in current practice - that's why you can trust us and feel safe.

Patients with may undergo surgery:

  • Myopia to -10.0 diopters
  • Hyperopia up to +6.0 diopters
  • Astigmatism up to +/- 6.0 diopters

Each patient before the procedure is invited to an individual consultation, during which after a series of tests the doctor will determine whether the procedure will bring the desired result and whether it can be safely performed. And after talking to the patient, he will choose the most optimal type of surgery.

In our hospital qualification tests and treatments are carried out by:

professor habilitated doctor of medical sciences
Stanisława Gierek-Ciaciura
eye disease specialist refractive surgery expert

There are several methods for laser vision correction. The selection of a given method is determined by a specialist doctor for each patient individually based on the type and height of the vision defect, the size of higher order aberrations, age, corneal thickness, pupil width and based on his personal expectations and needs. Technical progress in the field of laser vision correction combined with years of experience gives a chance to safely correct almost all vision defects.

The methods of correction of vision defects with an excimer laser can be divided into superficial and intraocular methods. After superficial procedures, the patient may experience discomfort, photosensitivity and tearing for 2-3 days. Intracorneal methods are more invasive but the corneal healing process is faster.

After the procedure, a contact lens is put on the eye, which is a dressing.

The choice of correction method is made individually for each patient after qualifying examination and interview.


Superficial methods:

1. PRK

The oldest and cheapest method of laser vision correction, the corneal epithelium is removed mechanically, the cornea is then exposed to an excimer laser that changes its shape.



The method consists in dissecting the petal from the corneal epithelium itself with a device called a separator. After dissection, the corneal ablation with an excimer laser is performed.


In this method, the Epi-Clear device is used, which "sweeps" the epithelium into its interior, leaving the exposed cornea exposed to the laser.


This is a method in which only the excimer laser is used without other tools. The corneal epithelium is removed with a laser, which is used in the second stage to correct vision defects.

Intracorneal methods:


A device called the microkeratom is cut off the corneal flap along with the epithelium 120 microns thick, then after deflection with an excimer laser we model the shape of the cornea by changing its optical power. At the end of the procedure, the petal is applied to the original place so that the healing process is very fast.


This is a modification of LASIK. This method involves microkeratom formation of a very thin corneal flake about 90-100 microns thick, then the laser precisely models the deep layers of the cornea. This method is recommended for high refraction defects and low corneal thickness. The healing process is the same as for LASIK.

Price list for laser vision correction procedures

LASIK 2700 PLN for one eye 5000 PLN for both eyes
EPI LASIK 2200 PLN for one eye 4000 PLN for both eyes
SBK LASIK 3200 PLN for one eye 6000 PLN for both eyes
PRK 1800 PLN for one eye 3500 PLN for both eyes
EBK LASIK 2500 PLN for one eye 5000 PLN for both eyes
TRANS PRK 2800 PLN for one eye 5500 PLN for both eyes


Reception doctors in the office

professor habilitated doctor of medical science

Stanisława Gierek- Ciaciura

specialist in eye diseases, refractive surgery expert