Supportive therapies

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If you are being treated and you are under the care of a doctor

- I support conventional medicine in the healing process.


I also help when you suffer, among others on:

-  headaches


- weakening of the immune system

- effects of stress: irritability, irritability, insomnia

- disruption of the proper functioning of internal organs

- hard to heal wounds


As a result of restoring proper energy you get, among others:

- better mood and relaxation

- strengthening the immune system

- reduction of stress effects

- regaining and strengthening the will to live

- reduction and over time the headache and migraines disappear

- restoring the proper functioning of internal organs

How do I do it ...?

I individually select and use the most effective method amongst many, including:

Lewa kolumna
  • Bioenergotherapy

Certificate confirming professional qualifications

Diagnosis of disorders and blockades in human energy and its biopoly and then the selection and application of an appropriate range of bioenergotherapeutic assistance.


  • Access the Bars ®


Already after one session changes are noticeable: relaxation, calming down, greater optimism as well as relief of tension and muscle blockades.

This is an energy treatment that Gary Douglas developed in the 90s of the last century. Access Bars is a procedure that involves touching the right points on the head so that the polarized electric charge accumulated in the brain is discharged. These are places where we store patterns, thoughts, judgments, beliefs about ourselves and the world, gathered consciously and even more often unconsciously.

The Access Bars session allows you to "delete" these limiting views.
The treatment is very comfortable for the person using it, who does not need NOTHING during the session, it is enough to use the benefits of the method.
Your session is about 1 hour, generally lying down (on your back).

Prawa kolumna
  • Color therapy / Chromotherapy

It provides the body with the types of energy that are shown in the circle filled with rainbow colors necessary to restore energy balance and, as a result, recover.

Chromotherapy treatment is performed using a universal pendulum.
The treatment is very comfortable for the person using it, who is lying down (on his back) during it.
Session, depending on the individual needs of the person using it from several dozen minutes to over 1 hour. It is a time to calm down, regain balance, energy and peace.


  • Lymphatic massage

Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, whose disorders are considered, among others, one of the main causes of diseases of internal organs.

Contactless lymphatic massage performed with the help of the "Super UFO" radiesthetic pendulum.
Contraindications: It is generally accepted that this procedure should not be performed on people during and after cancer.

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