Other ophthalmic procedures

At the Pod Bukami Hospital we also offer a set of minor surgical procedures within the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea and tear ducts.

The most common minor ophthalmic procedures performed in our facility include:


  • Wing removal surgery - abnormal tissue connecting the conjunctiva and cornea, most commonly found in people exposed to prolonged exposure to wind and sun
  • Chalazion removal - a disease of the Meiboma gland causing a small bump on the surface of the conjunctiva
  • Rolled and eyelid plastic surgery - corrective surgery for eyelid adherence to the eyeball
  • Removal of warts, tufts of yellow and other lesions from the surface of the eyelids
  • Probing and flushing tear ducts

By qualifying for one of the above-mentioned procedures, it may be necessary to perform additional tests to check the functioning of the eye with a diagnosed lesion within the eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea.

We perform histopathological examinations in cases requiring such diagnostics.

More detailed information can be obtained from our specialist doctors during an ophthalmological visit in our clinic.


Reception doctors in the office

PhD in medical sciences

Michał Milka

specialist in eye diseases


Łukasz Cwalina

specialist in eye diseases